Sunny Tulips

Sunny Tulips

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

It snowed a little today

This afternoon as I was looking out from my studio window I noticed snow flakes mixing with the rain. After last year's 100+ inches my enthusiasm is greatly diminished. Perhaps it's a combination of the abrupt shift of seasons along with the shorter daylight that triggers my downward mood. The elation that I felt on Tuesday evening as the election results were made available is now tempered by the financial reality that faces us all. An email arrived today alerting me to the fact that a proposal to eliminate funding for all public art projects and maintance for existing public art in the city will be voted on next week at the Madison Common Council meeting.
Art is necessary for a civilized society and a livable city. The artists who dedicate their lives to producing their artwork should be considered valued members who make lasting contributions that enrich the lives of all citizens. Unfortunately, that's not what is happening here when funding is allocated to support a building for the arts, but support for the artists is cut. It's very short sighted thinking that I hope will not prevail.

To lift my spirits I'll wrap up in a down comforter and imagine that I'm back in that very sunny day when I photographed the meadow garden.

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  1. Hi Jan,
    Nice site you've set up. Your images really look nice with the black back ground. I've also submitted a piece to the Artful Women's show so I guess I'll see you at the reception! Oh, and cheer up - winter won't last forever - it just seems that way! Cheers, Monique


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