Sunny Tulips

Sunny Tulips

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Just before the frost...

Market Sunflowers

The past few  days have been a golden reprieve before the killing frost hits.
 The sweet tangerine tomatoes on my one and only plant have hung on in the autumn winds and the blossoms are still reaching for the fading sun. 
Going  to the Monona Farmer's Market yesterday was a feast for the eyes and an anticipated delight for the appetite.
There was an abundant display of a beautiful and varied harvest, made available for those of us who could purchase.
By mid-week we've been advised the hard frost will arrive and the harvest will end.
As I enjoy this bounty of the earth, 
I pledge to remember the many who did not
have the resources available
to share this delight.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Speaking out!

October Afternoon
Today I spent the afternoon participating in democracy by being an active citizen. For four hours at a rally on the steps of the State Capitol I listened to speakers and spoke out about the dire needs of our state, our country and the world. We need work that pays a living wage and we need the politicians who proclaim that they represent us, actually listen to what we're saying.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Suddenly it's fall

Summer's oppressive heat has suddenly been transformed into a brisk, wind filled autumn.  The trees, that at first seemed reluctant to change their attire, have now rapidly clothed themselves in the brilliant hues of fall
and the garden enjoys the last golden days
before the frost.
Rose hips

Along with the seasons,  I'm also in transition.
The classes that I've taken
over the past two plus years 
will end at the close of this year
when I complete my Digital Storytelling course.
Then I'll be allowed to add a
Social Media Marketing Certificate 
to my list of credentials.
I 'm seeking work 
as a social media strategist
with nonprofit organizations.
Any assistance you might offer
would be greatly appreciated.

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