Sunny Tulips

Sunny Tulips

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Art for healing

When a person is sick, undergoing treatments
 or rehabilitation there is nothing quite so comforting 
as art in their environment
 that can inspire them or take them to a place of positive memories...even if just for a moment...
out of their difficult circumstance.

I'm very please that one of my images has been selected by
The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals
 to be added to their portfolio of healing art. 
The framed photographs are selected by hospitals and clinics all over the world to create
 a healing environment
 for patients and caregivers.
Please visit their Facebook page.

Pink Roses in the Rain ©Janis Nussbaum Senungetuk

When my photographs are chosen for placement in a pediatric ward or a children's hospital I'm especially thrilled, because I know from the patient's viewpoint how important bringing color to those long hallways can be. I always try to capture the light in my images
 and to bring the outdoors in. 
It would have made a world of difference to me.
Hope you have a wonderful
'Season of Growth'.
Your comments are always appreciated!

Take care,

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